What's your favorite hole at Canterbury Woods?

For me, I am going with Hole #3 on the front side and Hole #12 on the back side. Hole #3 has a fun tee shot that looks like you’re hitting down a tunnel. The best position for me is playing a club to get me to the 150 yard stake to leave a full iron shot into the green. I love this approach! It’s a demanding approach with hazard short, greenside bunker on the right and a catchers mitt slope on the left. We wont talk about going long. It has a great presentation going from the top of that hill to the green. Once you’re on the green, it always tends to be quick and some interesting breaks. Overall a very fun hole to play on the front side.

Hole #12, the “Road Hole”, is such a fun hole. The tee shot sets up for a big drive for my ball flight (fade) leaving a short wedge shot into the green. If you miss it right, there’s the second fairway that still gives you an opportunity to have a fairway shot into the green. For your second shot, the ball will general be below your feet. Be sure to line up a little more left cause the ball will squeak right on you. You need to leave yourself on the correct side of the hole or else the putts can get tricky. Just a great hole that is a lot of fun to play.

Why is competition golf so hard?

You’re not only competing against your competitors, but also the course, weather conditions and ultimately yourself. Great example is Rory McIlroy on the first hole in this past weekend’s Open Championship. He had everything going for him; Home Course advantage, fans on his side, takes an 8 on the first hole changing his entire game plan for his tournament. How many times has he played that hole in a variety of conditions? A lot. Each swing is its own, every shot has its factors, but there is one thing that should never change from round to round, having fun. The frustrations will be encountered, putts that won’t fall, wayward tee shots, run out chips, competition golf has its own challenges, but having fun while playing should never be a challenge.

USGA Rules Update

The USGA has released an update to the relief rule that ws amended at the beginning of the year. Here is a diagram that should help easily explain the new, new rule for when you go O.B.

usga rules update

Mid-Season Form

It's still relatively early in the season, despite the temperatures, and the course is in fantastic condition! I've spoken with many members who are telling me that the fairways and greens couldn't be much better! Stevie and his guys really deserve a lot of credit. Those guys have worked their tails off to get and keep the course in the best possible playing condition, and it has really been showing lately! With the fairways and greens looking the way they do, we can look forward to a lot of great golf this year! Make sure you come down and see for yourself just how nice the course is playing!

Charity in Golf

My favorite thing about the world of golf is how so many people have been able to use golf to help others in need. From local charity tournaments and fundraisers to PGA events, no other sport can hold a candle to golf when it comes to charity! Almost everyone who golfs has taken part in at least one charity fundraiser tournament. When we can get together, go play a round of golf, have a great time in doing it, and in the end it helps out sick children, or a family in crisis, or goes towards research to cure a medical condition, that my friends is indeed a beautiful thing! Look into local tournaments being held at your favorite course and see how you can be a part of being something bigger than the game itself. It is a great feeling being able to help each other in our times of need and spreading goodwill in your community while enjoying the game we all love, the beautiful game of golf!