I have had a few members ask me about the debate over a reduction in distance for golf balls. In my opinion and for my game, the further I hit it, the more trouble I can get myself into. I find that increased distance has given the senior generation of golfers an advantage to be able to play more golf later in life therefor adding more rounds of golf at each course. I am not saying let’s keep evolving the golf ball and equipment to where people are hitting 600 yard drives but I would say we level off for a while. Everyone likes a long drive as much as making a long putt.

I know growing up as a kid I would always try and hit the ball as hard and as far as I could. I always played with better and older people so that I would know where I needed to be to compete with them. The ability to hit a long golf ball isn’t derived from the golf ball itself, its more fundamentals of the golf swing. I was having a conversation with a guy who was part of the long drive tour and he said the best phrase, “you can teach someone to hit it straight but you can’t teach someone to hit it long.” Now, there may be those that were straight down the middle golfers and develop into longer hitters but very seldom.

All in all, I think technology is great, it has helped a lot of people stay with the game that they have enjoyed playing for so long and makes it fun to try new things. Golf is a hobby, I can’t think of many hobbies where you don’t spend a little money on something that you enjoy.