As season ramps up, golfers are coming out of winter hibernation, the course is getting some work done to make it all the better once we hit the Memorial Day weekend and into the full season of golf.

Last night, after hitting a large bucket of balls at a local driving range, I was walking back to my vehicle and I looked around at how many people were occupying the range. Beginners, intermediate, couples, high school, college, recreational, all types of golfers were present, it really goes to show how great this game is no matter how good or inexperienced you may be. As a young golf professional, this was really fulfilling to see that there is a future for golf and people have taken up the interest again for this great game. I can’t say there is one thing that has contributed to people’s spark for golf, but the industry is doing a great job and I hope to see a steep trend.

Practice hard, play well and enjoy your time on the range or the course.