Championship Golf

Canterbury Woods was the proud host to the 2018 New Hampshire Stroke Play Championship this past week. There was a lot of New Hampshire's best amateur golfer's participating and some great golf was played. Congratulations to champion Pat Pelletier with a score of 15 under par for the 72 hole Championship. Pat played a great second round shooting a 64 to cushion his lead going into 36 holes on Thursday. It was a fun event to host and we look forward to working with the NHGA in the future. Click Here for the Results of the Championship.

This weekend have our Club Championship's being played over 36 holes. We have a great sign-up with our past champions in the field and it will be an exciting weekend to honor our new Club Champions.


Grab the Edge

As we reach the summer months and get fully into the golf season, what keeps you motivated to get better? What goal do you have for yourself? If you’ve never played an event, do you put yourself out there and sign up for one? This is what makes Golf such a great sport. It’s the true test of yourself and nothing else. Growing up playing in tournaments, with friends, a random pairing or by myself, there was always a goal whether to break par, play better than the group I was in or place top 5,3 or win the tournament I was in. Each time you peg that tee in the ground, place a ball on top, step back and look down the hole you are about to play, make sure you play for something. Small goals lead to bigger goals and can make this game so much more enjoyable than it already is.

Hole Outs, Hole In One’s and Another Major

Over the last week, there has been some great shots played on tour and here at Canterbury Woods. Dustin Johnson with a walk off, hole out, on 18 to win in Memphis, Stewart Cink with a Sunday Hole In One, Peter Christensen, member here at Canterbury Woods, with a Hole In One on Hole #8 and Mindy Williams, also a member here at Canterbury Woods, with a Hole In One on Hole #13. That feeling you get when you hit a great shot and see that ball disappear in the hole. Golfer’s dream of having those shots and the day they come true, its surreal.

The second major, US Open, tournament is this weekend. No better weekend than to have it fall on Father’s Day. It’s fun to see the USGA setup such a challenging four days of golf for the country and worlds best golfers to compete. Shinnecock Hills is one of the greatest venues and always sets up for a challenge of its own. I am very excited to enjoy some golf over the weekend.

To all the Father’s out there, Happy Father’s Day. I hope you get to enjoy your day doing what you love.

Golf's Up Rise

As season ramps up, golfers are coming out of winter hibernation, the course is getting some work done to make it all the better once we hit the Memorial Day weekend and into the full season of golf.

Last night, after hitting a large bucket of balls at a local driving range, I was walking back to my vehicle and I looked around at how many people were occupying the range. Beginners, intermediate, couples, high school, college, recreational, all types of golfers were present, it really goes to show how great this game is no matter how good or inexperienced you may be. As a young golf professional, this was really fulfilling to see that there is a future for golf and people have taken up the interest again for this great game. I can’t say there is one thing that has contributed to people’s spark for golf, but the industry is doing a great job and I hope to see a steep trend.

Practice hard, play well and enjoy your time on the range or the course.

Course Update

The grass is growing and the course has turned very green over the course of a week. Steve has been getting a lot of fertilizer down before the rains and it is really showing. Fairways and roughs are starting to be more defined and the course is taking shape.

After playing the course a few times and have started to get a better picture of the playability, I was able to go out and paint the course to get it ready for the 2018 season. There were some changes made, removing some Water Hazard (Yellow Staked) definitions and were made Lateral Water Hazards (Red Staked) definitions. You will find these made on hole’s 3, 4, 13 and 16. In preparation for 2019, we have gone ahead and made these necessary changes.

Here is the definition from the USGA Decisions Manuel for a better understanding:

A "lateral water hazard" is a water hazard or that part of a water hazard so situated that it is not possible, or is deemed by the Committee to be impracticable, to drop a ball behind the water hazard in accordance with Rule 26-Ib. All ground and water within the margin of a lateral water hazard are part of the lateral water hazard.

When the margin of a lateral water hazard is defined by stakes, the stakes are inside the lateral water hazard, and the margin of the hazard is defined by the nearest outside points of the stakes at ground level. When both stakes and lines are used to indicate a lateral water hazard, the stakes identify the hazard and the lines define the hazard margin. When the margin of a lateral water hazard is defined by a line on the ground, the line itself is in the lateral water hazard. The margin of a lateral water hazard extends vertically upwards and downwards.

A ball is in a lateral water hazard when it lies in or any part of it touches the lateral water hazard.

Stakes used to define the margin of or identify a lateral water hazard are obstructions.

There are 5 options when your ball is deemed in a Lateral Water Hazard:

  1. Play it as it lies without grounding your club in the hazard.
  2. Take the last point in which the ball entered, mark two club lengths, no nearer the hole and take a drop.
  3. Take the last point in which the ball entered, keep that point between you and the flag and move back as far as you would like to go then take a drop.
  4. Equal and Opposite Margins.
  5. Go back to where you last played the shot and re-hit.
    All of these options, except for the first, incur a One Stroke Penalty.

If you have any questions about rulings, please feel free to come see me and we can go over the rules situation. I have always enjoyed finding the answer to a tough rules question and learning something new about the game of golf.