The Woods Quota Game

$5 per person each week. Sign up in the Golf Shop prior to your round.

85% Weekly payout, 15% towards final week September 28th

First time you play your Quota will be based on your current handicap.

Following weeks will be adjusted accordingly:

Beat your quota by: 
1 – No Adjustment
2 – No Adjustment
3 – Increase by 1
4 – Increase by 2
5 – Increase by 3
6 or more – Increase by 4

Miss your quota by:
1 – No Adjustment
2 – No Adjustment
3 – Decrease by 1
4 – Decrease by 2
5 or more – Decrease by 3

Prizes each week will be awarded in shop credit.

Anyone who participates at least 3 times during the course of the season will be able to compete for the final payout on September 28th.

Pairings for final week will be done according to money winnings.

Points will be posted each week on the website